PR services in Poland

PR services in Poland

These days, you can’t rely on luck. A well- designed and executed PR campaign translates into measurable gains for the brand that wants to emerge in the Polish (Europe) market. We offer:


Within our Public Relations activities, we can support your business in:


We’re working with domestic and foreign (for instance, American, Norwegian, Icelandic) businesses planning to enter the Polish market, or wanting to expand their presence in it. Polish media are quite extensive, so it’s good to use services of a local PR agency – such as ours. We’re fluent in English. We have verified models for marketing cooperation, including Public Relations, with clients from various cultures and time zones. When it comes to the projects we run, we always draw up monthly reports, containing digital, as well as traditional media data. We also draw up reports on marketing operations on the regular.

Proof of our efficiency?

Proof of our efficiency

Media relations campaigns

Duration: 1,5 year

Hundreds of press publications

Advertising Value Equivalent: 4mln PLN

Sector: IT


Duration: 1 year

Average click rate: 35%

Sector: NGO

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KeyK Project Marketing&Media
Chwarznieńska Street 158A
81-601 Gdynia, Poland
phone +48 58 351 31 11
mobile +48 660 78 47 38

Seat of the company:

TRITUM Business Park
Al. Zwycięstwa 241/12
81-521 Gdynia