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Poland is one of the fastest developing markets in Europe with the government actively working on attracting more international companies to start businesses in Poland. Language is perhaps the biggest entry barriers, but don’t let that scare you away!

We have decades of experience in working with international businesses looking to increase their presence in Poland. We have successfully supported them with innovative and creative integrated marketing campaigns that have delighted their customers, increased engagement and created top of the mind brand recall in both the B2B and B2C sector.

What can we do for you? Here is a small sample of the services we offer:




Public Relations


Content Marketing


Marketing Collateral: Design interesting and relevant market collaterals like



Why us?

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KeyK Project Marketing&Media
Chwarznieńska Street 158A
81-601 Gdynia, Poland
phone +48 58 351 31 11
mobile +48 660 78 47 38

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TRITUM Business Park
Al. Zwycięstwa 241/12
81-521 Gdynia